StreetWorks Scheme explained here has 16 Units of Competence, you don’t need to pass them all and you can choose the best ones for your chosen job. The units consist of a written and practical assessment.

All of the information you need regarding the StreetWorks Scheme explained here. Also including the assessments can all be found on our website. We have PDF’s to download so you can ensure that the unit(s) chosen are the right ones for you.

You can always chat to an Adviser online if you are not sure which units you should choose. There are several types of job available after you qualify and you can find out more on the website.

A street works scheme is a system that is used to coordinate and manage street works in a local area. It is designed to reduce the disruption and inconvenience that street works can cause to road users and residents.

Street works schemes are typically administered by the local highway authority. This would be the the local council or county council responsible for maintaining the roads in the area. The scheme will set out the rules and procedures that must be followed by anyone who wants to carry out street works, including utility companies, contractors, and local authorities themselves.

One of the key features of a street works scheme is that it requires all street works to be planned and coordinated in advance. This helps to ensure that multiple works are not taking place in the same area at the same time, and that works are scheduled to minimise disruption.

The street works scheme explained here will also set out standards for the quality of workmanship

Also the reinstatement of the road surface after works have been completed. This helps to ensure that street works are carried out to a high standard. Also that the road is left in a good condition afterwards.

Street works schemes can also be used to promote sustainable transport. They help to improve the accessibility of the road network for pedestrians and cyclists. For example, a scheme might require undertakers to provide temporary routes for road users during construction. It may also require the installation of new pedestrian crossings or cycle lanes.

Overall, street works schemes are an important tool for managing the impact of street works on road users and residents. By coordinating works and setting standards for quality, street works schemes can help to reduce disruption and improve safety, They also promote sustainable transport.

Here are some of the benefits of streetworks scheme explained:

  • Reduced disruption and inconvenience for road users and residents
  • Improved safety
  • Better coordination of works
  • Higher standards of workmanship and reinstatement
  • Promotion of sustainable transport and improved accessibility

Street works schemes are an essential part of managing the road network effectively. They help to ensure that street works are carried out in a way that minimizes disruption and inconvenience, and that they deliver lasting benefits for the community.

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